sábado, 5 de octubre de 2013

The tablet

Let's start discribing what a tablet is. A tablet is a device that can be used like a computer but it is sometimes better. The tablet is a very simple device with just a tactile screen. A computer has two differentiated  parts: a  key pad and a screen . In the  tablet  the key pad is also included in the screen. 

Tablets are also lighter and more useful than personal computers . They can have different sizes from very small to the size of a notebook, so you can carry them in your hand bag or in a litlle walet.

The most innovative concept of tablets is that they can be permanently connected to internet, and that you can download  an endless number of applications. Many software companies in the world are programming applications for almost anything you can think of. These aplications can be games, videos, professional or student applications, utilities, etc.. You can find and download them in the  "app stores". The process is very simple,and you can do it from anywhere. Sometimes you have to pay for the application but many times they are free .

 Tablets enable us to read books, magazines, download videos, take notes when you're in class, show the menu to a client in a restaurant and place the order, access your bank accounts, or monitor your health.I find very positive that downloading the newspaper on your tablet, is not only very convenient, but also decreases the paper consumption, making the tablet a great progress in the preservation of the trees.

However, tablets also have some disadvantages that can be a problem.
  •  They are quite expensive, much more than a mobile phone or a computer. This means that tablets are not accesible to many people in the world.
  •  Since the screen is tactile, you can make some mistakes when the size of the text is small. You can zoom in and make the text readable, indeed, but it is annoying.
  •  It's fagile and you must be very careful in handling it to avoid it falls and breaks. Since tablets are so expensive, it is very costly to buy another one or get it repaired.
  •  As opposed to a laptop, where you can plug in an external memory (pen drive, USB), tablets do not allow to do so. This is very irritating when you want to download pictures or music to take to another device. 

Nowadays, a tablet can be very helpful at school. both for students and teachers. You can download class books instead of carrying  them in you bag every day. It's cheaper, because downloading a book is less expensive than buying them on paper, and also the rest of brothers / sisters in the family can also use in the future. Also there are plenty of games that can be good for education and estimulate and train your brain as a treatment for different pathologies (visual, memory, psychological....).

In summary, with  a tablet you can carry in a single device all your world: your e-mail, calendar, facebook connection, your favorite music, photos and movies, the book you're reading or the newspaper you download every day. Technology is very important in this world and the tablet has been the last technology revolution we have seen in our daily lives.

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