martes, 10 de septiembre de 2013

This document is a cartoon, entitled "The fanatic Geek" made by Chapate. This cartoon is published in International Herald Tribune. We don't have the date of thr document but i is supposed to be recent consedering that it tackles he issue of piracy in inernet.
What catches the eye at first are the principals characters of the scene (the famous person and the teenager). The cartoon is divided in two parts; the first part is from the middle to the left and the second from the middle to the right. At the top of th e first part we can see the logo of Cannes Festival, little by little we can become aware of more hings for example famous people in the red carpet, photographs.... In the midle of the cartoon we apreciate the message of the teenager in a bubble (I love your movies. I've pirated them all!) and also the recipient of the message wich is a person that look so famous with a model next to him. Finally at the second part we discover the atmosphere around there, there is a lot of people cheering and aclaiming this kind of popular people.
The author want us to react  about piracy. Nowadays everyone uses internet to watch or download videos, music, games....meanwhile these things are ilegal. We don't respect the author's right. For being straightforward the message it's a  critic of piracy and tries to prevent us about it.
In my opinion the advertising cartoon is well-designed and tries to make us aware of piracy with humor. I don't thinks that because of this the issue will stop. From my own point of view it's only inform us about the reality nowadays.... it's not going ti impact a lot the readers.